System Software

We specialize in Windows Device Drivers.  We can design and implement a driver and supporting code to your specifications.  With hardening expertise from years in Fault Tolerant Systems, we develop robust and reliable code.  We provide you full documentation of the design and the work we have done.

We feature system software development following the best practices in the industry.  The Microsoft paper on Getting Started with the Windows Driver Development Environment was based on our practices in driver development. In addition, we understand the changes taking place in the Windows environment.  We will tune our solution to not only meet your needs today, but provide a basis for tomorrows products.

We will scale our efforts to fit your company’s requirements, providing those capabilities where you need expert assistance.  We work to understand your company’s strengths, and tune our solution to fit your developer’s skill wherever possible. Our projects range from developing a small piece of support code to a supplying complete set of device drivers and utilities.