Driver Guide

If your company is new to Windows, developing a device driver can be a scary undertaking.  Windows drivers are their own territory, with different terms and rules.  Even if your company has previously developed a Windows driver, it can be daunting.   You might not have been happy with the last driver, or this new effort does not resemble the old driver.

Maybe you should consider approach to an unknown territory that has been used over the ages: hire a guide.  We provide a range of services like any good guide, from giving suggestions to working with you every step of the way.

  • We speak the language – Entering foreign territory you first problem is you don’t necessarily speak the language.  If you are coming from user space development or from another operating system, a painful discovery is that the Windows kernel has its own set of terms.  A number of our clients knew what they wanted, but did not know where to look for the Windows kernel equivalent, helping them find the capabilities they needed got their project running smoothly.
  • We are friends with the chiefs – Early explorers, needed guides to introduce them to the leaders of the foreign territory.  For many projects what is needed is someone who can find you the right person at Microsoft to ask a question.  In our 20+ years of Windows driver development, we have gotten to know many of the kernel experts at Microsoft or other consulting firms and can help you find expert you need.
  • We can be your representative – Sometimes you don’t want it to be obvious you are entering new territory.  It can be that you still exploring whether to enter the market or perhaps to keep potential competitors from knowing you are coming.  We can help you anonymously get the data to make your design decisions.
  • We know how to identify the questionable locales – When exploring new territory there are places that should be avoided, the same is true in developing in the Windows kernel.  A common problem is you find a sample on the web, or a vendor who seems to solve your problem, but you don’t realize that those “minor changes you need” will invalidate all the work you have done.  We have identified samples that did not work on 64-bit platforms, or failed on some versions of Windows, and similar problems helping our clients get to the solution they need.
  • We can help you hire good team – Even with a guide, the old explorers needed a team to help carry the load.  For the Windows kernel, we help screen possible candidates for the work you are looking to do and for maintaining the product in the long run.