Design Services

Some projects require more than someone to guide you.  Like firms in the past pushing into new territory, you could use a good map.   A solid plan is needed to get through some of the challenges to a working product.   Another advantage of a good plan, is then you can look for fixed price bids to develop the whole product, or components that are beyond the scope of your resources.
We specialize in providing innovative designs for challenging problems. The plan can be customized for your needs, including anything from:

  • A total project plan – We identify the personnel needed, the probable schedule and the architectural design for the product.
  • A complete architectural design – We provide you with a detailed design document so you shop for a fixed price solution for your project.
  • A white paper on a specific problem you are trying to solve – We research specific areas, from performance to reliability and provided a white paper of approaches that a team may use to reach the final goal.
  • Coding guidelines for ensuring a quality product – As the author of Getting Started with the Windows Driver Development Environment and a former architect for a fault tolerant computer company, we understand quality and can help guide your product.

Some of our innovative designs include:

  • Fault Tolerant System for Windows – This was a combined hardware software solution providing one of the earliest fault tolerant failover systems.
  • Video File System supporting HDTV speeds – Long before HDTV was available, our client needed this level of performance on a Windows file system.
  • Advanced Security Monitor for Windows –For a startup targeting security agencies, we designed and developed a monitoring layer that intercepted all calls to the kernel.
  • Headless Diskless Windows Blade Server –  We created a design for hardware, BIOS, utilities and a suite of device drivers for Windows Server to support a system with no monitor, keyboard, mouse, CD-ROM, or disk drive
  • High Speed Cluster Interconnect – We created a stack of drivers capable small messages of 256 bytes at rates required to exceed one million messages a second.
  • NVMe Driver – We consulted with one of the early NVMe storage controller vendors using the Open Fabric Alliance driver.  We designed approaches to overcome the significant locking and performance problems of the original driver.